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Having known she wanted to be an artist since she was very young, Caroline spent much of her time drawing, designing, and imagining while remaining constantly curious as a child. She grew up in the Midwest, not far from Lake Michigan, for the majority of her life and spent summers in and around the water consistently. This allowed her to develop a deep love for nature which is one of the driving forces in her work. Conversely, living in the city and remaining aware of the tangible discord between the nature of 21st century living and the natural world has been intellectually stimulating, and reveals itself in her work continuously. These anxious themes of ambiguity and transience manifest themselves in the anonymity of the figures and the sense of placelessness and timelessness in her paintings.

After graduating college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and a Bachelor of Arts in Art History, Caroline stayed in Grand Rapids and pursued jobs in Graphic Design, Video Editing and Animation. She has since moved to the countryside with her husband and daughter and now works full-time as a painter, selling her work at various art fairs throughout Michigan in the summertime. 

Above all else, Caroline loves interacting with and learning about people through her art. She considers the live portraits she offers at the art fairs to be one of her favorite parts of being an artist:

"You just never know who you're going to meet and what they'll bring to the portrait. It's actually a really collaborative experience. I feel like talking to people and learning about them helps me draw them better. I also love conversation, so that's just an added bonus."

When Caroline isn't painting she enjoys hiking, picnicking, frequenting arcades, rock climbing and making music with her daughter and husband. 

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