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Pricing is determined by size and medium
Please note that the mediums below are not the only ones I work in, just the most common! If you have a different material in mind, please include it in the contact submission.
Thank you!

Acrylic Paint - 45¢/sq. inch

On canvas. Cost effective, plastic based paint that is quite versitile.


Gouache Paint - 40¢/sq. inch

On paper. Images made with gouache are highly pigmented and colorful, and achieve an effect similar to watercolor.

Lineage Dance (Poppy Field).jpg

India Ink - 30¢/sq. inch

On paper; black and white. Images made with India Ink are very high in contrast with deep, velvety blacks and a "watery" look due to the brush technique used.


Oil Paint - 60¢/sq. inch

On canvas. A more expensive paint of higher quality. Has better color pigmentation and can achieve a "painterly" raised surface due to its thickness.

hasan-almasi-nKNm_75lH4g-unsplash Copy_e

Painted Clothing

Painted, upcycled clothing. Price based on project and design.


Graphite - 30¢/sq. inch

On paper; black and white. Traditional pencil drawing. Great for achieving detail and maintains a silvery, metallic quality.


Charcoal - 25¢/sq. inch

On paper; black and white. Charcoal is a medium that is high in contrast with a misty, atmospheric quality.


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