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This is the first piece I’ve gotten commissioned, and Caroline exceeded all my expectations! She was so informative about what medium would best bring my vision to life, and explained things thoroughly so I could make the best choice as a customer! She sent me updates throughout the process, and the final product was the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. I will definitely look to her for future commissions!

Bella, Oil Painting Commission

On canvas. Cost effective, plastic based paint that is quite versitile.


On paper. Images made with gouache are highly pigmented and colorful, and achieve an effect similar to watercolor.

Lineage Dance (Poppy Field).jpg

On paper; black and white. Images made with India Ink are very high in contrast with deep, velvety blacks and a "watery" look due to the brush technique used.


On canvas. A more expensive paint of higher quality. Has better color pigmentation and can achieve a "painterly" raised surface due to its thickness.

hasan-almasi-nKNm_75lH4g-unsplash Copy_e

Painted, upcycled clothing. Price based on project and design.


On paper; black and white. Traditional pencil drawing. Great for achieving detail and maintains a silvery, metallic quality.


On paper; black and white. Charcoal is a medium that is high in contrast with a misty, atmospheric quality.


Pricing is determined by size and medium.
For example; 8x10 Charcoal Drawing: 80 sq. inches x 25¢ = $20
Please note that the mediums listed are not the only ones I work in, just the most common.
If you have a different material in mind, please include it in the contact submission below. Thank you!

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